why i'm joining buffer (spoiler: it's the good vibes)

After spending most of my career in agencies, I'm finally in-house at one of the best remote tech companies. Here's why.

I've spent a large chunk of my career in agencies. My first (real) internship was at Sponge, a digital marketing agency in Lagos. I worked at Ideas House, an experiential agency, for my job placement in university. Then there was the internship at Coca-Cola and then NYSC at Pulse Nigeria. Out of all these internships, only one was an in-house job and it wasn't even in marketing.

This context is important because it shows where my career was (seemingly) headed. If I had remained at Pulse, I probably would have grown in my role and eventually moved into a position where I specialized in something bigger than just creating and presenting pitch decks. But that didn't happen.

I spent a lot of 2020 revisiting my motivations for pursuing a career in marketing. Up to that point, I had been doing it because it was a solid path to success (i.e. money) that utilized my skills in writing and strategy. Most other forms of marketing I tried were either too technical or required too much legwork. I wasn't cut out to run around ordering cutouts of artists for the same generic football-driven campaign for a client. I also didn't see myself dragging paid ads with Google and Facebook forever. That was why content marketing was like a light at the end of the tunnel for me - it was just technical enough that I would lose my hard-won analytical skills, but it required a refreshing amount of creativity.

I explored content through freelance gigs and slowly found my footing. After building my portfolio with content I created with kGoal, I joined Animalz and really started growing as a content marketer.

Now here we are. Or were. Because there was something I was itching to do as well - go in-house. I had almost always been on the other side of the glass, as a professional contracted . I didn't have insight into how decisions about content were made inside - I only saw the end-results. And damn, am I curious about it.

However, I couldn't go just anywhere. The company I would move to after Animalz had to check a few boxes:

  • Mid-size tech/Saas
  • Fully remote with a global team
  • Pays well (obviously)
  • Enough responsibility that I'm not too junior, but marketing/comms leaders I can look up to above me
  • A team I vibe with

And, as you can tell, the Content role at Buffer checks all of those boxes. Buffer immediately felt like the right place - they have a great rep (Quartz agrees). And after speaking to Hailley, Sophie and Joel, I knew I needed this role. Everything felt right. There's not much more to it than that. I've always operated on instinct rather than pure logic, and from the way Buffer clearly cares about its people, to the way it felt like the role was tailor-made for me, it really was the perfect fit.

So yeah, you read all that to find out that I joined Buffer based on vibes. But vibes (aka instinct or your gut) can be a good way to make a decision. If something feels right, go for it. That operating principle has served me well so far.

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